Kim and Ben’s Winter Wedding at Blackstock Farm…

I was so excited to shoot Kim and Ben’s fabulous Wedding at the end of last year. Not only because they are a super cool, gorgeous couple but also their Wedding was at Blackstock Farm, a venue I now know and love.

The details that they’d added to the venue just brought the whole barn theme alive. From tiny honey wedding favors and sticks of lavender tied up with string to their ‘naked’ Wedding cake, the whole vibe was vintage and homemade. Kim’s hair was just fantastic, a totally gorgeous vintage do by Aimee Fenn and her beautiful make-up was by Christina Jessel, I would totally recommend both these ladies if you’re looking for hair and makeup artists for your Wedding!

Its always a challenge to shoot a Wedding in December as it gets dark SO early but we managed to slip outside right after the ceremony, squeezing in between the freezing rain drops and got some of my most favourite couple shots ever. The clouds were heavy but the light was soft and clear. Five minutes later it was dark so the rain didn’t worry anyone.

If you’d like details to view their online gallery and buy prints please contact me or Kim and Ben by email or my website.

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