Hi this is me, Teri (on the left… the other 2 are my crazy little boys) and I’m really passionate about what I do for a living. I mean who wouldn’t be – I’m a photographer! Not only do I get to hang out with gorgeously lovely people all the time but I also get to record the love that people share for each other. I love to be creative with projects, and I’m constantly aware that most of the time I am working with real people, who are not only nervous of being in front of the camera, but many actually hate it. Thats why you book a professional isn’t it! Someone to take away all the stress and worry. Someone to guide you into making the right choices and direct you in to the best poses. This way you’ll never feel uncomfortable and awkward, because if for a split second you do, then it will show in your photo’s. I want you to not only love your photos but to also come away with a new confidence that yes that is really you, and yes you really are amazing.

Every time you look at your favourites from the shoot you’ll be empowered with self-assurance and you’ll remember that security from a positive self-image throughout your everyday lives.

This is the same for Weddings as it is for Business Portraits, Boudoir Sessions and even family shoots. Its all about beautiful photography and making you feel in control and confident – and looking gorgeous!

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